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Phil Janes is a science fiction comedy writer. He has published a series of three novels about interstellar space travel, in a humorous style, similar to Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Grant Naylor.

Currently (2014) he writes a monthly column for "Expatriate Lifestyle" magazine, published by Mongoose Press in Kuala Lumpur, and is working on a new novel.

His eponymous website, launched in November 2014, contains humorous blog posts, and reproductions of some selected monthly columns from EL Magazine.


  • The Pioneer Series:
    • The Galaxy Game (1993) (ISBN 1-85798-150-2) - First published by Millennium, part of the Orion Publishing Group. This book is the first in the Pioneer series and details the maiden voyage of the spaceship Pioneer. The Pioneer is built to travel to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. It soon becomes clear that things are not what they seem; the crew are but pawns in a deadly game of skill played by mega-beings so advanced that they dispensed with bodily functions, home planets, and gravity millennia ago in order to get down to the really fun stuff - manipulating lesser species for their sport.
    • Fission Impossible (1993) (ISBN 1-85798-144-8)
    • I, Arnold: Round Three of the Galaxy Game (1995) (ISBN 1-85798-101-4)


Although a relatively unknown author, the books have received praise from "Publishing News," "The Dark Side," and "Nine to Five."[citation needed]

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