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The Philadelphia Register of Historic Places (PRHP) is a register of historic places by the Philadelphia Historical Commission. Buildings, structures, sites, objects, interiors, and districts can be added to the list.[1]


According to the Philadelphia Historical Commission, sites eligible for listing are those that possess any of the following:[2]

  1. Has significant character, interest or value as part of the development, heritage or cultural characteristics of the City, Commonwealth or Nation or associated with the life of a person significant in the past.
  2. Associated with an event of importance to the history of the City, Commonwealth or Nation.
  3. Reflects the environment in an era characterized by a distinctive architectural style.
  4. Embodies distinguishing characteristics of an architectural style or engineering specimen.
  5. Is the work of a designer, architect, landscape architect or designer, or engineer whose work has significantly influenced the historical, architectural, economic, social, or cultural development of the City, Commonwealth or Nation.
  6. Contains elements of design, detail, materials or craftsmanship which represent a significant innovation.
  7. Is part of or related to a square, park or other distinctive area which should be preserved according to an historic, cultural or architectural motif.
  8. Represents an established and familiar visual feature of the neighborhood, community or City.
  9. Has yielded, or may be likely to yield, information important in pre-history or history.
  10. Exemplifies the cultural, political, economic, social or historical heritage of the community.

Properties listed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places may also be recognized on the National Register of Historic Places, be listed as a National Historic Landmark, or listed as a contributing property in a National Historic District.

Philadelphia Historical Commission[edit]

The Philadelphia Historical Commission is the state agency responsible for overseeing the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places and ensuring the preservation of Philadelphia's historic resources including buildings, structures, sites, objects, interiors, and districts.[3]

Current listings[edit]

The lists below contain properties on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places:

Properties listed in the register by name[edit]


Name Image Location Description
Arnest Mansion (demolished)
Bachelors Barge Club DrexelCrew.png 6 Boathouse Row
39°58′9″N 75°11′13″W / 39.96917°N 75.18694°W / 39.96917; -75.18694 (Bachelors Barge Club)
Mediterranean style boathouse built in 1894.
Bartram House with Garden and dependencies Bartram House May 2002c.jpg
Belmont Mansion WTP A11 Techserv 1.jpg
Benjamin Franklin Bridge 2012 Ben Franklin Bridge and Race Street Pier.jpg
Blue Bell Tavern
Boelson Cottage
Cedar Grove
Chamounix Mansion Chamounix.JPG
College Boat Club CollegeBC2010.jpg
Crescent Boat Club Crescent72.png
Dickens and Little Nell Statue Dickens and Nell Philly.JPG Clark Park
39°56′55″N 75°12′34″W / 39.9486°N 75.2094°W / 39.9486; -75.2094
One of only two life-sized sculptures of Dickens. He had requested that there not be any public memorials to him.[6]
Dream Garden Glass Mosaic Dream garden.jpg
Dunning Coaches' Center White Field House, University of Pennsylvania
East Park Canoe House
Eastern State Penitentiary ESP.jpg
Fairmount Rowing Association FairmountRA2010.jpg
Fairmount Water Works Fairmount Water Works LOC 314409cu.jpg
Fort Mifflin Mifflin Soldiers' Barracks01.png
Founders Memorial Bell
Frankford Avenue Bridge Frankford-Avenue-Bridge.jpg
Glen Fern/Livezey House Geln fern Livezey house.jpg
Greenland (demolished)
Hall-Wiley House (demolished)
Hatfield House
Hermitage ~700 Hermit La
Horse Trough at 300 Bainbridge St
Horse Trough at 147 N 02nd St
Horse Trough at 315 S 09th St
Horse Trough at 615 S Washington Sq
Horse Trough at 312 Arch St
Krewstown Road House Eaton-Henderson House
Laurel Hill
Lemon Hill LemonHill.jpg
Lloyd Hall; Plaisted Hall (demolished)
Malta Boat Club Vesper-Malta2010.jpg
Manayunk Canal structures
Memorial Hall Memorial Hall Phila.jpg
Morgan Building University of Pennsylvania
Mount Pleasant WTP A14 youcanlookitup 2.jpg
Music Building University of Pennsylvania
New Market Headhouse WTP C14 AMP 1.jpg
Ohio State Building Ohio House Fairmount Philly.JPG
Penn Athletic Club Rowing Association PennAC2010.jpg
Pennsylvania Barge Club Pennsylvania Barge Club.jpg
Pennsylvania Railroad War Memorial 30thStreetStation-AngelOfTheResurrection.jpg
Philadelphia Girls Rowing Club Philadelphia Girls RC 2010.jpg
Philadelphia Museum of Art Philadelphia Art Museum.jpg
Ridgeland (Mount Prospect)
Rittenhouse House Rittenhouse homestead.jpg approx. address:207 Lincoln Dr
Rittenhouse Town approx. address:206 Lincoln Dr
Rittenhouse Town approx. address:208 Lincoln Dr
Rittenhouse Town approx. address:209 Lincoln Dr
Rittenhouse Town approx. address:210 Lincoln Dr includes barn
Rodin Museum Philly042107-009-RodinMuseum.jpg
Sedgeley Porter's House Sedgeley cottage.jpg
Sedgeley Club Turtle Rock Light.jpg
Sedgeley Guard House
Smith Memorial Playhouse Phila SmithPlaygroundl12.JPG
Strawberry Mansion WTP A13 youcanlookitup 1.jpg
Swann Memorial Fountain Swann Memorial Fountain-night.jpg
Sweetbriar WTP A15 youcanlookitup 1.jpg
The Cliffs The cliffs 1.jpg (ruins, fire on 2/22/1986)
The Lilacs
The Monastery Monestary Philly.JPG
Thomas Mill Covered Bridge Thomas Mill Covered Bridge.JPG
Undine Barge Club Undine2010.jpg
University Barge Club University72.png
Valley Green Inn
Vesper Boat Club Vesper72.png
Walnut Lane Bridge Walnut Lane Bridge (cropped).jpg over the Wissahickon Creek
Walnut Lane Bridge Walnut Lane Bridge 1950-51 (cropped).jpg over Lincoln Drive and Monoshone Creek
Wanamaker Eagle at Grand Court, Wanamaker Building
Washington Fountain Washington Monument-Philadelphia-27527.jpg
Weightman Hall University of Pennsylvania
Wissahickon Hall Police District 92
Wissahickon Memorial Bridge HenryAvenueBridge.jpg
Woodford Mansion Woodford-mansion.png
WPA Murals at Family Court

Properties listed in the register by address[edit]


Name Image Location Description
1616 Walnut Street Building 1616 Walnut.JPG 1616-26 Walnut St
Belgravia Hotel Belgravia Philly.JPG 1811-19 Chestnut St
Boyd Theatre 1910 Chestnut St
Carpenter Station Carpenter Lane SEPTA.JPG 201 Carpenter La
Church of St. Luke and The Epiphany St Luke Epiphany HABS angle.jpg 318-30 S 13th St
Drake Hotel Drake Hotel Philly.JPG 1512-14 Spruce St
Gravers Station Graver Lane SEPTA.JPG 300 E Gravers La
Greenwood Cemetery GreenwoodSign.jpg 930 Adams Ave
Guild House Venturi Guild House.jpg 711-39 Spring Garden St
Loews Philadelphia Hotel PSFSBuilding1985.jpg 1200 Market St
Carl Mackley Houses Mackley NE Philly.JPG 1401 E Bristol St
Oliver H. Bair Funeral Home A J Reach building Philly.JPG 1818-20 Chestnut St
Wetherill Mansion Phila Art Alliance.jpg 251 S 18th St
The Philadelphia Club Philadelphia Club 1301 Walnut St August 1916.jpg 1301-03 Walnut St
Philadelphia Sketch Club Camac street Philadelphia.jpg 233-37 S Camac St
Ruan House Ruan House B Philly.JPG 4278 Griscom St
Sun Oil Building Sun Oil Building Philly.JPG 1608-14 Walnut St
The Touraine Tourain Philadelphia.JPG 1520-28 Spruce St
Tulpehocken Station Tulpehocken Station.jpg 314 W Tulpehocken St
Union Bank of Philadelphia Building Corn Exchange National Bank & Trust Company Building Philadelphia.jpg 249-53 Arch St The building was used to house the cast of The Real World: Philadelphia in 2004-2005.
United States Custom House Customs House, Philadelphia.jpg 200-32 Chestnut St
Wissahickon Wissahickon Apts Philly.JPG 5215-31 Schuyler St

Historic districts[edit]

Historic districts listed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places:[8]

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