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Howard preaching in Oxford Circus

Philip Howard (born 1954) is a Liverpudlian street preacher in London's Oxford Circus. He is most famous for using the phrases "Don't be a sinner, be a winner!" and "Don't be a shopaholic robot", and for speaking various sermons into a megaphone or PA system to passers-by. Most people are not familiar with his name but are familiar with the sound of his voice which is unmissable when visiting near Oxford Circus.

Howard has been the centre of two court cases related to his preaching. In 2005 he was accused, and later cleared, of harassing a passer-by with directed comments in one of his sermons.[1] On 3 May 2006, Westminster Council applied for an ASBO (Anti Social Behaviour Order) against Howard alleging that his behaviour causes harassment, distress and/or alarm.[2]

Previously (c. early 2000s) Howard could regularly be found preaching in South Kensington along the Exhibition Road.


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