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Philip Francis Cyril Ozouf
Royal Visit 2012 0015.jpg
Senator Ozouf in 2012 (facing camera).
In office
November 2014 – present
Constituency Jersey
Majority 10,062[1]
Minister for Treasury and Resources
In office
November 2008 – November 2014
Preceded by Senator Terry Le Sueur
Constituency Jersey
In office
November 2008 – 2014
Constituency Jersey
Majority 8,712 (7.55%)
In office
December 1999 – November 2002
Majority 1,618 (24%)
Personal details
Born (1970-03-25) March 25, 1970 (age 45)
Children None
Residence St Saviour, Jersey
Religion Roman Catholic

Philip Ozouf Jr. (born 25 March 1970) is a Jersey politician.[2] He has been a member of the States of Jersey since 1999 and was the Treasury and Resources Minister in the Council of Ministers until 2014.[3]


Philip Francis Cyril Ozouf was born in Jersey.[4] He is the son of farmer and former Connétable of Saint Saviour Philip Francis Ozouf.[5]

He was educated at Victoria College, Jersey, then attended the European Business School in London, Frankfurt and Paris; he gained a BA (Hons) International Business and French Equivalent. He also qualified to diploma stage of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. He describes himself as a "reasonably fluent" French, German and Spanish speaker.[6]

Electoral history[edit]

He was elected to the States of Jersey as a Deputy for Saint Helier District 3&4, in November 1999, topping the poll with 1,618 votes,[7] a record number of votes in this district.

He was then elected a Senator in 2002, topping the poll with 14,442 votes.[8] He was re-elected in 2008 in 5th position with 8,712 votes.

Current responsibilities[edit]

Since December 2008, Ozouf has been Treasury Minister in the Council of Ministers.[9] He was proposed for the post by the Chief Minister, Terry Le Sueur, and received 38 votes, beating Deputy Geoff Southern who received 13 votes.[10]

Ozouf is vice chairman of the States of Jersey Employment Board.[11] He is also member of the Jersey branch of the Assemblée Parlementaire de la Francophonie[12] and serves as Vice Chairman of the Alliance Française Jersey branch.[13]

Previous posts[edit]

From 2005 to 2008, Ozouf was Economic Development Minister in the Council of Ministers.[14] This role had a wide remit, taking responsibility for subjects as varied as transport links, the Competition Law, the Rural Strategy. He was primarily tasked with achieving 2% real economic growth annually.[15] This was something which has been recognised, even by his critics, as no small task.[16] Ozouf was a strong supporter of the Goods and Sales Tax (GST), introduced on 6 May 2008 and initially levied at 3%.

Ozouf is a former member of the Jersey Legal Information Board, a statutory body with the remit to improve access to information about the Jersey law.[17] He also served as a board member of the Jersey Communities Relations Trust, a States's sponsored body that works to ensure that minority groups in Jersey are not disadvantaged.[18]

Notable achievements[edit]

Ozouf, who is gay,[19] supported the campaign for the introduction of a civil partnership law in Jersey, which the States of Jersey passed in July 2011.[20][21]

Ozouf was responsible for 'cleaning up' the Jersey fulfillment industry by preventing companies who sought to exploit the UK VAT threshold by establishing a Jersey mailbox.[14] The move drew criticism from Deputy Geoff Southern, as Chair of the Economic Affairs scrutiny panel, however the move was welcomed by Jersey businesses.[citation needed]


In 2012, Ozouf was the subject of criticism over the States of Jersey's failed plan to purchase Lime Grove House, an office building, for the intended use as a new police headquarters for the States of Jersey Police.[22] Senator Sarah Ferguson lodged a vote of censure against Ozouf, which was later withdrawn.[23] According to Ozouf the Lime Grove House building would have been unsuitable, and as an alternative, part of the adjacent Green Street public car park could be used as a site for a new police headquarters.[24] In mid-2013 plans to build a new police building on part of Green Street car park were approved.[25]

Ongoing campaigns[edit]

Gambling in Jersey[edit]

Ozouf has called for Jersey to reform its gambling laws.[26]

Financial Ombudsman[edit]

Ozouf has called for the installation of a Financial Ombudsman in Jersey.[27]

Ensuring competition of ferry routes[edit]

Ozouf has been a primary driver for the move towards competition on ferry routes into and out of Jersey and continues to seek the most competitive prices for Jersey people.[28][29]

International representation[edit]

Ozouf attended the sixth meeting of the British-Irish Council on environment.[30]


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