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Philip Traherne, or Traheron (/trəˈhɑːrn/; born in 9 August 1635 in Lugwardine; died in 1686 in St. Nicholas, Hereford) was an English diplomat, author of books.

He was son of Thomas Traherne (1603–1644) and Mary.[1] He was English Chaplain at Smyrna in 1669-1674. He possessed minuscule 71, a Greek manuscript of the four Gospels, and brought it to England. Traherne collated text of the manuscript, and in 1679, presented it to Lambeth Palace along with its collation.


  • The soul's communion with her saviour. Or, The history of our Lord Jesus Christ, written by the four evangelists digested into devotional meditations (1685)


Further reading[edit]

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