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Philipp Gottfried Gaertner (29 October 1754, Hanau – 27 December 1825, Hanau) [1] was a German botanist.[2]

An apothecary from Hanau, Gaertner spent several years in Strasbourg as a student of botany.[3] With Bernhard Meyer and Johannes Scherbius, he was co-author of "Oekonomisch-technische Flora der Wetterau", a publication in which the three men described various botanical genera and species.[4]


  • Oekonomisch-technische Flora der Wetterau, (1799-1802, 3 vols. [vol. 1 (VI-VII.1799); vol. 2 (V-VII.1800); vol. 3 (1) (I-VI.1801); vol. 3 (2) (1802) – Economic-technical flora of Wetterau.[2]


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