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Philippa Schuyler Middle School for the Gifted and Talented
Motto "To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required"
Type Public Middle School
Principal Jeanette Smith
Faculty approx. 34
Students approx. 3,430
Grades 5-8
Location 1300 Greene Avenue,
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Colors boys- blue and white girls - grey blue and white
Athletics Schuyler Storm

IS 383 Philippa Schuyler Middle School for the Gifted and Talented is a New York City Department of Education Public Middle School. The school is located in the Bushwick part of Brooklyn. Admission to this school is granted by competitive examination, unlike many public Middle Schools in New York City and the students are put under a lot of pressure to perform well. The school serves grades 5-8 but the rigorous application process can begin as early as fourth grade. Philippa Schuyler is noted for its academics and high scoring on standardized examinations. "Scuyler" as it called by its current students former students (a.k.a. Scuylerites) only accepts the best and the brightest. One of the reasons for the school's highly competitive grades on statewide andministered examinations could be because its administrators keep the students continuously working and challenge them to read more and enhance/build their language skills/vocabulary. The school has reading lists that is made accessible for its new and returning students to read from over the summer and discuss it later in the upcoming school year. The school's namesake is the child prodigy and pianist Philippa Schuyler. The school is ranked one of the best middle schools in the city. It is the #23 school on the top 50 middle schools in NYC list. The School is featured in the book "New York City's Best Public Middle Schools" by Marcia Biederman. The school was also one of the 209 Successful Public Schools exempted from the citywide uniform curriculum mandated in 2003. Many of the school's graduates qualify for admission to New York City's Specialized High Schools or are accepted to private prep schools such as Phillips Andover Academy. Achievement First Charter School has recently been added in addition to the school, provoking many angry parents, teachers, and students alike. Many parents believe that the extra school within the building could possibly affect the Schuyler students attending and could hurt their educations, therefore lowering the standards and educational standing of the school.


The middle school has many subjects, from the normal Math, History, (Social Studies), Writing, Science, and English, to elective subjects such as Band, Strings Orchestra, Dance, Steel Pan, Rock Band, Physical Education, Drama, Chorus, Technology and Art. This school has strong Foreign Languages department, that offers courses in French and Spanish. All of the classes at Philippa Schuyler work at a fairly high standard, rivaling that of many high schools in New York City. In order to display the many talents that the students of Philippa Schuyler possess, the school holds concerts each season to showcase the students' musical and dancing abilities.

Report Cards[edit]

Report cards are distributed 4 times throughout one school year. There are 4 marking periods in which determine a child's improvement over the year. The child is expected to improve throughout the year, but rarely some have fallen. The students are given 3 grades for each class: a grade for their behavior: Excellent, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, and Unsatisfactory. (E, S, N, U), they are given a number grade(1, 2, 3, 4) and an average (e.g. 55).

Middle School Jazz Academy and Association with JALC[edit]

The middle school is in alliance with Middle School Jazz Academy associated with Jazz at Lincoln Center, a non-tuition program offering sessions to NYC middle-schoolers weekly on Saturdays. The program teaches students from grades 5-8 about the art of jazz music. The students also play jazz music at Lincoln Center at a concert every semester.

Fitness and Sports[edit]

The middle school is also in alliance with the CHAMPS Middle School & Sports Fitness program that promotes active liftestyles in childhood through before and after school programs that offer a combination of traditional and non-traditional sports and fitness activities.

Notable Alumni[edit]

Mos Def- Hip Hop Artist

World B. Free NBA Player

MC Milk Dee- Rapper [3]


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