Philippe Descola

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Philippe Descola
Philippe Descola - June 2011
Born 1949
Era Contemporary philosophy
Region French philosophy
School Structuralism
Main interests
Anthropology, Epistemology, Ethnology, Ontology
Notable ideas
The four ontologies (animism, totemism, analogism, naturalism)

Philippe Descola (born 1949) is a French anthropologist noted for studies of the Achuar, one of several Jivaroan peoples.


He started with an interest in philosophy and later became a student of Claude Lévi-Strauss.[1] His ethnographic studies in the Amazon region began in 1976 and was funded by CNRS. He lived with the Achuar from 1976 to 1978.[2] His reputation largely arises from these studies. He is currently chair of anthropology at the Collège de France. His wife, Anne-Christine Taylor, is an ethnologist.

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