Philippine Medal of Valor

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Medal of Valor
The AFP Medal of Valor.jpg
Highest award given to Military Personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
Awarded by Republic of the Philippines
Type Single Grade Neck Order
Eligibility Military Personnel Only
Awarded for "For conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty."
Status Currently Awarded
Description The medal is a disc with golden sea lion and water waves on its face. The disc is resting on a cross and crossed swords.
Established 1986
First awarded 1940s
Last awarded Ongoing
Total awarded 41
Next (higher) None
Equivalent US Medal of Honor
Next (lower) Distinguished Conduct Star
Philippine Medal of Valor ribbon.jpg
Ribbon Bar of the Medal of Valor.

The Philippine Medal of Valor,[1] is the highest military award given to members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and allied military personnel. It is awarded by the President of the Philippines to military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, including recognized guerrilla forces.


Philippine Navy[edit]

Includes Philippine Fleet and Philippine Marine Corps personnel

  • COL. Ariel Querubin PN (M)
  • LTC. Custodio Parcon Jr. PN (M)
  • LT. Soriano Cajilis PN
  • 1LT. Lolinato Toong PN (M)
  • ENS. Albert Majini PN
  • ENS. Eldivino Caturas PN
  • ENS. Renato Caspillo PN
  • SSg. Herminigildo Yurong PN (M)
  • SSg. Laurence Narag PN (M)
  • Sgt. Ernesto Layaguin PN (M)
  • Sgt. Tomas Campo Jr. PN (M)
  • Sgt. Domingo Deluana PN (M)
  • ET3. Celso Rosario PN
  • Cpl. Ernesto Layugain PN (M)
  • LT. Jemrome Z. Khesao PN (M)
  • Pfc. Nestor Acero PN (M)

Philippine Army[edit]

  • MGEN. Tomas Bingo Karingal
  • MGEN. Paulino Santos, AFP
  • MGEN. Mariano Castaneda Sr. AFP
  • LTC. Egmidio Cruz PA (INF)
  • 1LT. Bartolome Vicente O. Bacarro PA (INF)
  • LTC. Noel Buan PA (INF)
  • MAJ. Ferdinand Marcos PA (INF)
  • LTC. Orlando L. Cariaso PA (INF)
  • MAJ. Hilario Barella PA (INF)
  • CPT. Conrado Yap PA (INF)
  • CPT. Hilario Estrella PA (INF)
  • CPT. Arturo Ortiz PA (INF)
  • CPT. Cirilito Sobejana PA (INF)
  • CPT. Robert Edward M Lucero PA (INF)
  • 2LT. Jose Bandong Jr. PA (INF)
  • 2LT. Herbert Dilag PA (INF)
  • MSg. Alfredo Pamintuan PA (INF)
  • TSg. Francisco Camacho PA (Inf)
  • SSg. Roy Cuenca PA (Inf)
  • SSg. Lucio Curig PA (Inf)[2]
  • SSg. Miguel Pastolero PA (FA)
  • Sgt. Bienvenido Fajemolin PA (Inf)
  • Sgt. Francisco Granfil PA (Inf)
  • Sgt. Claudio Forrosuelo PA (Inf)
  • Sgt. Jose Calugas USAFFE (Inf)
  • Cpl. Weene L. Martillana PA (Inf)
  • Cpl. Romualdo Rubi PA (Inf)
  • Ssg. Leopoldo C. Diokno Jr PA
  • Pfc. Ian O. Paquit PA (Inf)[3]

Philippine Air Force[edit]

Philippine Constabulary[edit]

  • GEN. Mariano N. Castañeda Sr. AFP
  • GEN. Rafael Crame AFP
  • TSg Desiderio Suson

Integrated National Police[edit]

  • P/SrInsp Henrietto P. Villamor [COPD]
  • P/SrInsp Juan Miguel R. Felix

Foreign Military[edit]

United States Army[edit]

United States Navy[edit]