Philippine Olympic Committee

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Philippine Olympic Committee
Philippine Olympic Committee logo
Philippine Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region  Philippines
Code PHI
Created 1911
Headquarters PhilSports Complex, Pasig, Metro Manila
President Jose Cojuangco, Jr.
Secretary General Stephen Chu Hontiveros

The Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) is the National Olympic Committee of the Philippines.

About the POC[edit]

The POC is a private, non-governmental organization composed of and serve as the mother organization of all National Sports Associations (NSAs) in the Philippines. It is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as having the sole authority for representation of the Philippines in the Olympic Games, the Asian Games, the Southeast Asian Games and other multi-event competitions.

The POC is financially independent and does not receive any subsidy from government, though its member NSAs receive some financial assistance from the Philippine Sports Commission. Instead, the POC supports its own activities with funds generated from sponsorships, licensing fees on the use of the Olympic marks, IOC subsidy and proceeds from special projects and donations.

History of the POC[edit]

The first time organized sports was introduced in the Philippines was during the American occupation with the formation of the Philippine Amateur Athletic Federation by Governor General F.B. Harrison in 1913. This also marked the holding of the first Far Eastern Games played with China and Japan.

When the Philippines joined the International Olympic Committee in 1918, a requisite for its entry was a solitary participation by David Nepomuceno in 1924 Olympic Games who competed in Athletics in Paris, France.

The first Filipino Chairman of the then Philippine Amateur Athletic Federation was President Manuel L. Quezon. He held the position until 1935. The successors of President Quezon were:

In 1976, the name Philippine Olympic Committee was adopted in lieu of the Philippine Amateur Athletic Federation to distinguish it as the National Olympic Committee in the Philippines as recognized and accredited by the International Olympic Committee. Since then, official representation to IOC sponsored competitions were under the Philippine Olympic Committee.

The successors after Padilla were:

The first Filipino member of the IOC was Jorge B. Vargas. He held this position until his death in 1980. Succeeding him in 1980 was Mr. Francisco Elizalde who holds this position as IOC member in the Philippines till the present.

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