Philippine Parity Rights plebiscite, 1947

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A plebiscite on the amendment to the Constitution pursuant to resolution of Congress dated September 18, 1946, granting United States Citizens right to the disposition and utilization of Philippine natural resources or the Parity Rights. This occurred on March 11, 1947.


A majority Filipino politicians supported the agreement due to the economic benefits of mutual rights between the United States and the Philippines.[citation needed] However a number of Filipinos also disapproved of the agreement basically because it breached the Constitution which states that the resources of the Philippines are for the Filipinos alone.

The agreement was later revoked.

1947 Philippine parity rights plebiscite
Choice Votes  %
Referendum passed Yes 432,833 78.89
No 115,853 21.11
Total votes 548,786 100.00

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