Philippine Science High School SOCCSKSARGEN Region Campus

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Philippine Science High School - SOCCSKSARGEN Region Campus
Opened June 17, 2013
School type Public Specialized High School
Affiliation Department of Science and Technology
Campus Director Dr. Chuchi P. Garganera
Students 130 (School Year 2014-2015)
Faculty 30
Location Brgy. Paraiso, Koronadal City, South Cotabato
Nickname PISAY - SRC
School Paper Pisay Scholar and Pisay Iskolar
Admission PSHS National Competitive Examination

Philippine Science High School - SoCCSKSarGen Region Campus (PSHS-SRC) is the 12th campus of the Philippine Science High School System situated at Brgy. Paraiso, Koronadal City. The school admits and grants scholarships to students who are gifted in science and mathematics. Admission to this campus is by passing the National Competitive Examination organized and conducted by the PSHS System annually and only Filipino citizens are qualified to attend. Most of the scholars are from SOCCSKSARGEN which covers the provinces of South Cotabato, North Cotabato, Sarangani and Sultan Kudarat. It also covers General Santos City, Cotabato City and some neighboring places. The PSHS-SRC formally opened on June 17, 2013 with 52 Grade 7 scholars comprising as the pioneering batch. As of today, there are 130 scholars in the campus, 52 Grade 8 students and 78 Grade 7 students. [1]


Mission and Vision[edit]


Operating under one system of governance and management, PSHS provides scholarship in secondary education to Filipino students with high aptitude in Science and Mathematics; prepares its students for careers in science and technology; and to attain a critical mass of professionals and leaders in science and technology towards nation building.


Philippine Science High School is the country’s leading science high school that prepares its scholars to be world – class Filipino scientists who are dedicated to nation building.


Grade 6 students who belong to the top 10% of the class or must have special aptitude in Science & Mathematics must take and perform well in the National Competitive Examination (NCE), the admission test of the Philippine Science High School System, also indicating their interest in the SOCCSKSARGEN Region Campus.

National Competitive Examination[edit]

  • Quantitative Test (Mathematics)
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Science
  • English

Special curriculum[edit]

The PSHS-SRC follows the same special curriculum prescribed and designated by the Philippine Science High School System.

Grade 7[edit]

Grade 8[edit]


Academic Grading System[edit]

Grades are reported in terms of the stanine. 1.00 is the highest grade while 5.00 is a failing mark. 2.50 is the passing grade and any grade lower than this is termed substandard. The student's current standing for a subject is calculated by adding 1/3 of the previous quarter's grade and 2/3 of the tentative grade of the quarter. The general weighted average (GWA) of the student should be 2.25 or better to be in good standing.


Grade Percentage Range Equivalent Range
1.00 96 - 100 98 - 100
1.25 90 - 95 95 - 97
1.50 84 - 89 92 - 94
1.75 78 - 83 89 - 91
2.00 72 - 77 86 - 88
2.25 66 - 71 83 - 85
2.50 60 - 65 80 - 82
2.75 55 - 59 77 - 79
3.00 50 - 54 74 - 76
4.00 40 - 49 70 - 73
5.00 Below 40 Below 70

Note: The percentage range is used in actual computations of grades while the equivalent range is used in translating the grades for use outside of the system (e.g. application to colleges/universities).

Director's List[edit]

Every quarter, students who garner a general weighted average (GWA) of 1.50 or better are included in an honor roll known as the Director's List.


The names of each section in each grade level correspond to a theme based on the major subject offered in that particular grade level. (Earth Science for Grade 7 and Biology for Grade 8)

7th Grade[edit]

  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Diamond

8th Grade[edit]

  • Acacia
  • Narra

Student Life[edit]

As each scholar spends his or her high school life in this institution, they also have the privilege to participate in the school's activities and events prescribed by the school to help them progress not only in their academic life but also towards their social and physical world.

The Tunog System[edit]

In order to develop the bond and unity among scholars, the PSHS-SRC implemented the 'Tunog' System which is set to anchor any school activity this school year 2014-2015. The implementation of this system aims for six (6) aspects:

  • Academic mentoring
  • Peer counseling to provide emotional support
  • Monitoring of overall student performances
  • Sports events for leisure and physical fitness
  • Musical, theatrical and cultural events and promotion
  • Maintenance of cleanliness and orderliness

The system consists of six tunog which includes:

  1. Debakan
  2. Agong
  3. Kudyapi
  4. Gangza
  5. Kulintang
  6. Kubing

Each tunog is composed of members from the students, faculty, and staff led by the Datu, Waiír and Raja Tagasulat. The names were derived from the balangay system of the first settlers in the Philippines to reflect patriotism in the Filipinos'cultural ways and to live our the core values of the Philippine Science High School System. "The main purposes of the tunog system are to enhance the social interaction between the teachers and the students of different grade levels and to help every student in each tunog with their academic studies. I hope that it will fully prosper for years and will effectively serve its purpose," said Jhona Cresila Quezada, the schools' Student Services Division chief.[3]

Alternative Learning Activities (ALA)[edit]

  • PRISM (Pisay's Reliable Institute for Science and Mathematics), MathSci Club
  • The Environmentalists' Club
  • The Sports Club (PISAY)
  • The Conversationalists and Debaters Club
  • Outreach Committee/Theater Club

The Supreme Student Government (SSG)[edit]

The SSG is the official student body of the campus which is headministered by the SSG President.

School Publication[edit]

Pisay Scholar[edit]

Pisay Scholar is the official English school publication of PSHS-SRC which gives the students a chance to share their thoughts, opinions and minds in the current happenings of the society through the power of journalism.

Pisay Iskolar[edit]

On the other hand, Pisay Iskolar is the official Filipino school publication of the campus which also gives each scholar an opportunity to share their thoughts, opinions and minds through literary forms and the power of journalism.


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