Philippine presidential election, 1986

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Philippine presidential election, 1986
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February 7, 1986
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  Corazon Aquino 1986.jpg Ferdinand Marcos.JPEG
Nominee Corazon C. Aquino Ferdinand E. Marcos
Party PDP-Laban KBL
Running mate Salvador H. Laurel Arturo M. Tolentino
Popular vote 9,291,761 (COMELEC) 7,053,068 (NAMFREL) 10,807,197 (COMELEC) 7,835,070 (NAMFREL)
Percentage 46.10%
(Election returns nullified)
(Election returns nullified)

1986 Philippine presidential election results per province.png

Election results per province/city.

President before election

Ferdinand E. Marcos

Elected President

Corazon C. Aquino

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The Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections held on 7 February 1986 in the Philippines were snap elections, and are popularly known as the Snap Elections, that followed the end of Martial Law and brought about the People Power Revolution, the downfall of President Ferdinand E. Marcos, and the accession of Corazon C. Aquino as President.


President Ferdinand E. Marcos declared a snap election during an interview on the American Broadcasting Company political affairs programme, This Week with David Brinkley in November 1985.[1][2][3] On 3 December, the Batasang Pambansa passed a law setting the date of the election on 7 February 1986 [4]

The polls were marred by electoral fraud as well as violence. Marcos and former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senate President Arturo Tolentino allegedly won by over a million votes according to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and were proclaimed winners by the Batasang Pambansa (by virtue of Resolution No. 38),[5] thus granting Marcos another six-year term. The opposition, headed by Corazón C. Aquino (the widow of assassinated Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr.) and former senator Salvador Laurel refused to accept the fraudulent results.

PICC walkout and the EDSA Revolution[edit]

On 9 February, thirty computer programmers walked out of the COMELEC's electronic quick count at the Philippine International Convention Center, some fearing for their safety and seeking sanctuary in Baclaran Church. The technicians—whose protest was broadcast live on national television[6]—claimed that the Marcos camp had manipulated the election results.

More reports of electoral fraud caused the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines to issue a statement condemning the elections; the United States Senate passed a resolution stating the same. This chain of events eventually led to the resignation of Marcos' Defence Minister Juan Ponce Enrile, and Armed Forces Vice-Chief of Staff General Fidel Ramos. Enrile and Ramos then secluded themselves in the military and police headquarters of Camp Aguinaldo and Camp Crame, respectively, leading to the People Power Revolution from 22–25 February 1986, which toppled the Marcos regime.


On 24 March 1986, the Regular Batasang Pambansa passed a "people's resolution" signed by 150 lawmakers. The resolution nullified the election returns that proclaimed Marcos and Tolentino as the winners, and instead confirmed the victory of President Aquino and Vice-President and Prime Minister Laurel.



Final Official Parliamentary Canvass (Nullified on March 24, 1986)

e • d Summary of the February 7, 1986 Philippine presidential election results
Candidate Party Results
Votes %
Ferdinand Marcos KBL 10,807,197 53.62%
Corazon Aquino PDP-Laban 9,291,761 46.10%
Reuben Canoy Social Democratic Party 34,041 0.17%
Narciso Padilla Movement for Truth, Order and Righteousness 23,652 0.12%
Valid votes 20,156,606 97.3%
Invalid votes 559,469 2.7%
Votes cast 20,716,075 78.8%
Registered voters 26,278,744 100.00%


Candidate Party Votes
Ferdinand E. Marcos KBL 7,835,070
Corazon C. Aquino UNIDO - PDP-LABAN 7,053,068


Final Official Parliamentary Canvass (Nullified on March 24, 1986)

e • d Summary of the February 7, 1986 Philippine vice presidential election results
Candidate Party Results
Votes %
Arturo Tolentino KBL 10,134,130 50.65%
Salvador Laurel UNIDO 9,173,105 45.85%
Eva Estrada-Kalaw Liberal (Kalaw Wing) 662,185 3.31%
Roger Arienda Movement for Truth, Order and Righteousness 35,974 0.18%
Totals 20,053,394 100.00%


Candidate Party Votes
Salvador H. Laurel UNIDO -Nacionalista 7,441,313
Arturo M. Tolentino KBL 6,613,507

Nullification of COMELEC final tally[edit]

The COMELEC final tally showed that Marcos won by twice Aquino's margin in the NAMFREL tally (roughly 1.6 million), and also had Tolentino winning over Laurel. This alleged fraudulent outcome would eventually lead to the People Power Revolution which ousted President Ferdinand Marcos and installed Corazon Aquino as president. It only changed when the Regular Batasang Pambansa declared on March 24, 1986 that Aquino and Laurel won the elections and admitted that Marcos's lawmakers tampered the official COMELEC Canvass at the PICC and the Batasang Pambansa to make sure Marcos and Tolentino won the elections.[citation needed]

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