Philips (crater)

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Philips Crater
Mare Australe Map.JPG
Map of Mare Australe quadrangle with major features labeled.
Planet Mars
Coordinates 66°42′S 45°06′W / 66.7°S 45.1°W / -66.7; -45.1Coordinates: 66°42′S 45°06′W / 66.7°S 45.1°W / -66.7; -45.1
Diameter 190.2 km
Eponym John Phillips and Theodore E. Philips

Philips Crater is a crater in the Mare Australe quadrangle of Mars, located at 66.7° south latitude and 45.1° west longitude. It is 190.2 km in diameter and was named after John Phillips, a British geologist (1800–1874), and Theodore E. Philips, a British astronomer (1868–1942).[1]


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