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The Philips Lecture was a lecture organised by the Royal Society of London with support from Philips Industries Limited in 1980, the object being to strengthen contacts between the Society and industry and more generally between universities and industry. The general theme of the series was science in industry. The lecture was annual and was given for the last time in 1992.

List of lecturers[edit]

Year Name Lecture Notes
1981 Spinks, AlfredAlfred Spinks Targets in biotechnology.
1982 Black, James WhyteJames Whyte Black The uncertain road to modern medicines.
1983 Allen, GeoffreyGeoffrey Allen The impact of industrial and academic collaboration on new technology.
1984 Rees, David AllanDavid Allan Rees Renewing the role of research establishments.
1985 Cadogan, John Ivan GeorgeJohn Ivan George Cadogan Research, business and the universities.
1986 Mercer, Frank BrianFrank Brian Mercer Critical aspects of industrial and academic collaboration.
1987 Casimir, Hendrik Brugt GerhardHendrik Brugt Gerhard Casimir Magnetism.
1988 Nicholson, Robin BuchananRobin Buchanan Nicholson Industrial research: success and failure.
1989 Hilsum, CyrilCyril Hilsum Does industrial R&D pay?
1990 Pilkington, AlastairAlastair Pilkington Glass and windows.
1991 Houten, S vanS van Houten Why industrial research?
1992 Elliott, C. ThomasC. Thomas Elliott Thermal imaging: a new eye on the world.