Philip Giaccone

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Philip Giaccone
Philip Giaccone on November 16, 1980
Born July 12, 1932 (1932-07-12)
Ridgewood, Queens
Died 5 May 1981(1981-05-05) (aged 48)
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Philip Giaccone also known as "Philly Lucky" and "The Priest" (July 12, 1932 - May 5, 1981) was a Bonanno crime family member.

The three capos murder[edit]

On May 5, 1981, Massino loyalists shot and killed Giaccone, along with Trinchera and Indelicato, in a Brooklyn nightclub. One of the gunmen was mobster Vito Rizzuto, who came from Montreal, Quebec with another Canadian mobster to help Massino.[1]


After the killings, the Bonanno gunmen transported the three bodies to a lot in Lindenwood, Queens. The lot was a Gambino mob graveyard; Gambino crime family capo John Gotti arranged for his men to bury the bodies there as a favor to Massino.[2][3] A few weeks after the shooting, authorities discovered Indelicato's body and removed it from the lot.

In October 2004, after some children reported finding a body in the Lindenwood lot, FBI agents excavated the property and discovered the bodies of Giaccone and Trinchera. Among the personal items they unearthed was a Piaget watch that had belonged to Giaccone's wife.[4] In December 2004, the bodies were positively identified as Giaccone and Trinchera.[5]

On December 5, 2005, Massino, now a government witness, pled guilty to murdering Giaccone, Trinchera, and Indelicato. He received two life sentences in prison.[6] In May, 2007, after being extradited to the United States, Rizzuto pled guilty in a Brooklyn court to reduced charges in the murder of three capos and was sentenced to ten years in state prison.[7]

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