Phillip Rhee

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Phillip Rhee
Philip Rhee.jpg
Phillip Rhee (left) and Barry Cook, 2008
Born (1960-09-07) September 7, 1960 (age 54)
Occupation Actor, Martial Artist, Director, Film producer
Spouse(s) Amy Rhee (1990-present)

Phillip Rhee (born September 7) is a Korean-American actor, director, martial artist and film producer, most famous for his role in the Best of the Best movie series.[1][2]

Life & Career[edit]

Phillip Rhee was raised in San Francisco. He is a martial artist, actor, director and film producer who has created, produced and starred in six films, including the Best of the Best film series. The first Best of the Best film spawned three sequels; Best of the Best II, Best of the Best III and Best of the Best IV.

He is the younger brother of Simon Rhee.

He currently lives in the Los Angeles vicinity and is working on a screenplay.



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