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Philo of Alexandria (20 BCE – 40 CE) was a Jewish Biblical philosopher born in Alexandria, Egypt.

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Given name[edit]

  • Philo of Byblos (64–141 CE), writer of grammatical, lexical and historical works in Greek
  • Philo of Larissa, Greek philosopher who lived during the 1st century BC
  • Philo (poet), Hellenistic Jewish epic poet quoted in a 2nd-century BC source
  • Philo of Byzantium, Greek engineer who lived during the 3rd or 2nd century BC
  • Philo the Dialectician (c. 300 BC), Ancient Greek philosopher
  • Philo Farnsworth (1906–1971), American inventor
  • Philo C. Fuller (1787–1855), American lawyer and politician, member of the New York State Senate and the Michigan House of Representatives
  • Philo Hall (1865–1938), member of the United States House of Representatives from South Dakota
  • Philo McGiffin (1860–1897), American naval officer
  • Philo Wallace (born 1970), Barbadian cricketer


  • Chris Philo (born 1960), professor of geography at the University of Glasgow
  • Mark Philo (1984–2006), English footballer
  • Phoebe Philo (born 1973), British fashion designer
  • William Philo (1882–1916), British middleweight boxer and Olympic bronze medalist

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  • Pseudo-Philo, anonymous historian in Hebrew whose translated works were compiled with those of Philo of Alexandria
  • Philodendron, plant genus