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Phlow logo big.gif
Logo of Phlow Magazine
Editor-in-Chief Moritz "mo." Sauer
Categories Music magazine Netlabel Creative Commons
Frequency daily
Publisher Phlow
First issue 2000
Company Phlow
Country Germany
Language German, English and Spanish

Phlow is a German webzine originally founded by Moritz "mo." Sauer a German journalist. The magazine initially focused on publishing interviews, portraits and reviews about artists who release their music licensed under a creative commons and several forms of netculture. Since its birth in 2000 Phlow evolved and initiated the Netlabel Catalogue, a directory of netlabels and started an international version in English on September 2007 called Together with Christian Negre Moritz "mo." Sauer started a Spanish version of Phlow.

General Overview[edit]

Started in 2000 and relaunched in 2002 Phlow evolved fast as one of the leading[citation needed] electronic magazines which published interviews, portraits and reviews about music released by netlabels or music released under a creative commons licence. Since 2002 Phlow interviewed musicians, bands and producers from all over the world to cover the missing information given by printed magazines in Germany. Its editor Moritz "mo." Sauer established Phlow in the evolving world of netlabels and covered the culture and history of netlabels in several magazines, events and media.

In 2004 Phlow was nominated for the Grimme Online Award[1][2] - an award for publishing quality on the web. Phlow was nominated in the category of 'Media Journalism'.

With the English edition started in late 2007 Phlow has published since then for an international audience. While reviews about music licensed under a creative commons can be found, free mixes and compilations can also be downloaded. While the Phlow magazine editors write about music, Phlow produces a podcast to promote free music to its readers.

On June 12 and 13 2010 the Phlow staff organised together with like-minded creative commons activists from Cologne/Germany Cologne Commons, a conference and music festival about free music and creative commons culture.[3]

In July 2009 Moritz "mo." Sauer started the Spanish edition of Phlow together with Netaudio activist Christian Negre better known as Applejux.


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