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Phoenix, or Phenix, was an American wooden whaler plying the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean from its base in Nantucket, Massachusetts, from 1821-1858.

The Phoenix Islands in the South Pacific are named after a ship, which was active in the area in the 1820s, which may be this ship. The crew of the Phoenix and her captain, Perry Winslow, were also the discoverers of Winslow Reef.[1] The ship was lost on Elbow Island[2] in the Sea of Okhotsk in October 1858, about 100 miles from Ayan.[3]


  • 1821 - 1824: David Harris
  • July 6, 1834 to February 19, 1842: Isaac B. Hussey.
  • November 7, 1848 until February 5, 1853: Perry Winslow.
  • March 19 to October 22, 1858 J. Hinckley, then Bethuel Gifford Handy


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