Phoenix Pick

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Phoenix Pick
Parent company Arc Manor
Founded 2007
Founder Shahid Mahmud
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Rockville, Maryland
Publication types Books
Fiction genres Science Fiction & Fantasy
Official website

Phoenix Pick is the science fiction and fantasy imprint of Arc Manor Publishers based in Rockville, Maryland. Both Phoenix Pick and its parent company, Arc Manor, are managed by Shahid Mahmud.[citation needed]

Phoenix Pick publishes many classic and semi-classic works of science fiction and fantasy. These include Dark Universe (1961) and Simulacron-3 (1964) by Daniel F. Galouye, Lest Darkness Fall and Related Stories (1939) by L. Sprague de Camp (with related stories by Frederik Pohl, David Drake, and S. M. Stirling) and The Long Tomorrow (1955) by Leigh Brackett (who was also one of the screen writers for The Empire Strikes Back (1980), the second film of the original Star Wars trilogy).

In 2010, Phoenix Pick published two novellas nominated for the Nebula Award: Act One by Nancy Kress and Arkfall by Carolyn Gilman. Act One was also nominated for the Hugo Award.[citation needed] That year, Phoenix Pick also published Ceres by L. Neil Smith, a finalist for the Prometheus Award.[citation needed]

Other publications include Alexei and Cory Panshin's Hugo-Award-winning study on science fiction, The World Beyond the Hill (1989) and the Phoenix Science Fiction Classics series. The series publishes a number of annotated classic texts (with commentary) specifically geared toward college students. PSF Classics is edited by Paul Cook, and authors represented in this series include H. G. Wells and Jules Verne.[citation needed]

In July 2011, Phoenix Pick announced The Stellar Guild series. The series pairs best-selling science fiction and fantasy authors with lesser-known authors to help give them greater visibility. Five-time Hugo Award winner Mike Resnick is the series editor. Bestselling authors Kevin J. Anderson, Eric Flint, Mercedes Lackey, Larry Niven, Robert Silverberg, and Harry Turtledove have all agreed to participate in the project.[citation needed]

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