Phrenic plexus

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Phrenic plexus
The celiac ganglia with the sympathetic plexuses of the abdominal viscera radiating from the ganglia. (Phrenic plexus labeled at upper left.)
Latin plexus phrenicus
Gray's p.985
Anatomical terms of neuroanatomy

The phrenic plexus accompanies the inferior phrenic artery to the diaphragm, some filaments passing to the suprarenal gland.

It arises from the upper part of the celiac ganglion, and is larger on the right than on the left side.

It receives one or two branches from the phrenic nerve.

At the point of junction of the right phrenic plexus with the phrenic nerve is a small ganglion (ganglion phrenicum).

This plexus distributes branches to the inferior vena cava, and to the suprarenal and hepatic plexuses.

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