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"King of Parthia"
Coin of Phriapatius.
Reign 191–176 BC
Born Unknown
Died 176 BC
Predecessor Arsaces II
Successor Phraates I
Dynasty Arsacid dynasty
Religious beliefs Zoroastrianism

Phriapatius (Persian: فریاپت‎) /ˌfrəˈpʃəs/) or Priapatius /ˌprəˈpʃəs/, sometimes called Phriapites /ˌfrˈæpɨtz/, was the king of the Parthian Empire from 191 BC to 176 BC. He was the grandson of Tiridates I (246–211 BC), the brother of Arsaces I (250–211 BC), the founder of the Parthian Empire.

He ruled in the period following the invasion of Parthia by the Seleucid king Antiochus III (223–187 BC).

He was the father of three Parthian kings, Phraates I (176–171 BC), who was his successor, Mithridates I (171–138 BC), and Artabanus I (138–124 BC).


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Died: 176 BC
Preceded by
Arsaces II
King of Parthia
191–176 BC
Succeeded by
Phraates I