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Phyllis Chase, married name Phyllis Samuel, (c.1897- c.1977) was an English illustrator. A schoolfriend of Enid Blyton at St. Christopher's School in Beckenham, Chase and Blyton reunited several years after leaving school at a garden party in 1920 and began collaborating.[1] She is best known for being the illustrator of Blyton initial books such as Child Whispers (1922) and Real Fairies: Poems,[2] but illustrated many of Blyton's short stories which appeared in newspapers and magazines (such as those of publisher Cassell[3]) throughout the 1920s.[4] Chase also illustrated Blyton's Pinkity's Pranks and Other Nature Fairy Tales with A.E. Jackson and The Nursery Book (1927), among many others.[5] She later married Felix Samuel in Sussex, who died in 1967. In 1975 Chase was interviewed on BBC Radio.


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