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Web address
Type of site
Science News
Registration Optional
Available in English
Owner Omicron Technology Limited
Created by Staff writers
Launched March 26, 2004; 11 years ago (2004-03-26)
Current status Online is a science, research and technology news website specializing in the hard science subjects of physics, space and earth science, biology, chemistry, electronics, nanotechnology and technology in general[citation needed]. It is known[according to whom?] for timely updates of scientific breakthroughs and press releases from major research labs and universities across the world[citation needed]. The site also publishes daily reports,[1] blogs and exclusive comprehensive articles[2] on new peer-reviewed scientific papers[citation needed]. It also runs the websites MedicalxPress and TechXplore, which feature medical and technological news stories, respectively.


The site was founded in March 2004, by two Ph.D. students who wanted a science news service for informed and educated readers[citation needed]. In 2005 it was purchased by, and as of 2008 is the registered property of, Omicron Technology Limited, Douglas, Isle Of Man.[3]

It has a full-time staff of 16, including 11 contributing authors. Its editor-in-chief is John Benson (UK) and managing editors are Andrew Zinin and Alexander Pol.[4][5]

In 2008, it published 75-100 news stories per day and hosted about 100,000 daily readers[citation needed]. It had 25,000 registered members.[5]

In 2015, Quantcast listed it as a top 851 site with 2,6M U.S. people visiting per month and this being 62% of all visitors.[6]'s global audience is 4.3M per month. It said the site is popular among a more educated, older, male audience.[6] Trends Updates named amongst the Top 25 Technology Blogs for 2008.[7]

In April 2012, (formerly known as) moved to its current domain,


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