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Physwick or Fishwick[1] Hostel is a former constituent of The University of Cambridge. It was founded in 1393 in the bequeathed Trinity Lane house of William Fiswick as part of Gonville Hall[2] (later Gonville and Caius College).[1] Physwick was far more populous than the main college Caius although it did not breed distinguished theologians, bishops and dignitaries.[3]

In 1467 Gonville Hall also acquired St Margaret's Hostel and then in 1481 rebuilt the two as a single, substantial complex with hall and gate tower.[1]

In 1546 Physwick and St Margaret's were merged into the new Trinity College by Henry VIII along with Michaelhouse College, King’s Hall and five other hostels: Gregory’s, Ovyng’s, Catherine’s, Garratt, and Tyler’s.

Principals of Physwick Hostel[edit]

Date(s) of Appointment Principal
1519-21 John Skipp[4] MA D.D.
1521 Thomas Bacon[5] D.D.
1533 John Caius[6] MD


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