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This article is about the New York City club. For the musical instrument, see Piano. For other uses of "Piano", see Piano (disambiguation).
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April 4, 2008
Address 158 Ludlow Street
Location Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York
Coordinates 40°43′16″N 73°59′17″W / 40.721°N 73.988°W / 40.721; -73.988Coordinates: 40°43′16″N 73°59′17″W / 40.721°N 73.988°W / 40.721; -73.988
Capacity 140
Opened 2002

Pianos is a two-story bar/restaurant/live music venue in the Lower East Side section of Manhattan at 158 Ludlow Street. Its stage attracts local and national alternative rock groups as well as DJs, though a more typical performance consists of smaller name local and touring acts.

Pianos follows the example of Arlene's Grocery by keeping the “Pianos” name and sign from the store that previously existed there when it was conceivable that a piano store might make it on the Lower East Side. Pianos has two stages: one that has upstairs in a funky loungelike setting, and one in a back room off the main floor.[1]

There is also what a reviewer for The New York Times described as "a surprisingly respectable menu".[1]


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