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PicNet Pty Ltd
Type Private
Industry Information Technology
Founded 2002 [1]
Headquarters Sydney, Australia
Key people Marco Tapia
Guido Tapia
David Booth
Products Risk Shield
Mouse Eye Tracking
Employees 20 (2009)
Website www.picnet.com.au

PicNet Pty Ltd is a provider of IT services. The company is based on the lower North Shore of Sydney in the suburb of St Leonards. The name 'PicNet' is an acronym for the term 'People Information and Collaboration Network'.[2]

Brief history[edit]

PicNet was founded in 2002 by the current Managing Director of the company, Marco Tapia. After a successful career in the IT industry (where he was global Chief Information Officer for international company P&O Ports), Tapia attended the Australian Graduate School of Management to achieve an MBA qualification. Subsequently, he was able to establish PicNet with the confidence and qualifications to run and maintain it.

Tapia directed the company towards a specialisation in Information Technology and Risk Management, through a proprietary product called Risk Shield. A core component of PicNet's strategy was to build the services component of the business, using that to fund the development of the Risk Shield software.

PicNet has since grown, with 26 employees as of 2014 and a management board consisting of three managers.[3][4]

Marco Tapia - Managing Director, founder and the face of PicNet

Management team[edit]

Current members of the management team at PicNet are: Marco Tapia, Guido Tapia and David Booth.


  • IT Project Management and Consulting
  • Software Development - Using .Net and Microsoft Software Development technologies to develop web and mobile solutions.
  • IT Managed & Support Services - Corporate Architectural Network Design, Hardware/Software Upgrades, Remote / Telephone / Onsite / Email technical support.[6][7]
  • IT for SME - PicNet’s tailored IT support and management framework for the small to medium enterprise.
  • Cloud Management Services - PicNet Cloud Management Services are a mix of skills, technologies and capabilities to deliver a comprehensive solution to our customers.

Other services include The PicNet Service Desk for small to medium enterprises, Web Development and IT Human Resourcing.

PicNet serves clients in a wide range of industries including but not limited to pharmaceutical, manufacturing, logistics, maritime, media, ICT, building construction and general services.


Mouse Eye Tracking[edit]

An web-based usability tool that helps you understand user behaviour and maximise the value of your online presence. Mouse Eye Tracking has four main features, heat maps, mouse tracking, page navigation and browser sizes, all designed to help you better understand how your website is used and viewed.

Risk Shield[edit]

Risk Shield

An enterprise risk management tool for identifying and calculating risk in an organisation's operations. Risk Shield uses techniques to quantify risks diagrammatically, creating a "digital dashboard" for risk management across the organisation.[8] It is available as both a pocket product for mobile use (supporting Windows Mobile 5)[9] and as a SaaS application.[10]



A web based SaaS issue management application that is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and requires no installation. All data that is created within the system is backed up daily.[11]

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