Pic d'Anie

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Pic d'Anie
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Pic d'Anie
Elevation 2,507 m (8,225 ft)
Prominence 844 m (2,769 ft)
Pic d'Anie is located in Pyrenees
Pic d'Anie
Pic d'Anie
Soule, France
Range Pyrenees
Coordinates 42°56′42″N 00°43′16″W / 42.94500°N 0.72111°W / 42.94500; -0.72111Coordinates: 42°56′42″N 00°43′16″W / 42.94500°N 0.72111°W / 42.94500; -0.72111
Easiest route Belagua, St Martin and Lescun

Pic d'Anie (Basque Auñamendi) is a peak of the Pyrenees of France, it is 2,507 metres (8,225 ft) high and it is located very close to the border with Spain.

Surrounding the almost perfectly pyramidal Pic d'Anie is the spectacular karst landscape of Larra, in the Larra-Belagua massif (Navarre). The three main access ways to the peak are: Belagua in Spain and Pierre-Saint Martin and Lescun (French department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques), also known as the French side.