Pic du Gar

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Pic du Gar
Pic du Gar seen from Eup
Elevation 1,785 m (5,856 ft)
Pic du Gar is located in Pyrenees
Pic du Gar
Pic du Gar
Location Haute-Garonne, France
Range Pyrenees
Coordinates 42°56′55″N 0°41′47″E / 42.94861°N 0.69639°E / 42.94861; 0.69639Coordinates: 42°56′55″N 0°41′47″E / 42.94861°N 0.69639°E / 42.94861; 0.69639
Type Karstic
First ascent Unknown
Easiest route From Eup or Saint-Pé-d'Ardet

Pic du Gar is a mountain of the Pyrenees, It is located near Saint-Béat, Haute-Garonne département, in the Comminges natural region. This limestone mountain has an altitude of 1,785 metres (5,856 ft) above sea level.[1]

Despite its relatively low altitude the Pic du Gar, like the Pic de Cagire, is a well-known summit of the Haute-Garonne. Its imposing silhouette dominates the high valley of the Garonne, after flowing from the Val d'Aran. Its secondary summit, the Pic Saillant (1756 m), has a cross at the top.


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