Pickaxe Pete

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Pickaxe Pete
Pickaxe Pete Coverart.png
Developer(s) Magnavox
Publisher(s) Magnavox/Philips
Platform(s) Odyssey²/Videopac
Release date(s) 1982
Genre(s) Action

Pickaxe Pete (or Pick Axe Pete! in the USA) is cartridge number 43 in the official Magnavox/Philips line of video games for the Philips Videopac.

Pickaxe Pete is similar in many ways to Donkey Kong. You play a miner named Pickaxe Pete, and you start off in the middle of the screen with a pick-axe. There are three doors from which boulders are coming, bouncing down the mine-shafts; every time Pete destroys one of these he gains 3 points, although the axe wears out after a while and disappears. When two boulders collide, they explode, and out comes either a pick-axe which floats to the bottom of the screen, a key which floats to the top, or nothing. If Pete has no axe, you can either jump over boulders (gaining him 1 point), or get to the bottom of the mine to retrieve a new axe (gaining a 5-point bonus). If he collects a key then he can enter the doors, which lead him to the next level.

In Brazil, Pickaxe Pete was re-branded as Didi na Mina Encantada for Odyssey (Brazil's version of the Philips Videopac).[1]


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