Pickering High School, Ajax

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Pickering High School
180 Church Street North
Ajax, Ontario, L1T 2W7, Canada
School board Durham District School Board
Principal Philip Matsushita
Vice principal Basil Broumeriotis
Alison Evanoff
Jean-Louis Poulin
Karla Torrente
School type Public
Grades 9–12
Language English
Founded 1951
Enrollment 2066 (2012)
Homepage http://pickering.ddsbschools.ca

Pickering High School is a Canadian high school located in Ajax, Ontario, within the Durham District School Board. Specifically, the school is found in historical Pickering Village, Ontario. The school has students in grades 9 to 12, and offers gifted and French immersion classes.


Pickering High School was ranked 313th of 725 schools in a study of Ontario high schools in 2011/2012. It obtained an overall score of 6.5/10 in 2012, up from 5.2/10 in 2009. Scores are based on academic performance of students on grade 9 mathematics and the OSSLT. Pickering HS has risen in rank in the last three years, having been ranked 528th overall in 2009. The study was conducted by the Fraser Institute, which conducts studies on educational policy across Canada.[1]

Notable alumni[edit]


Pickering High has many former professional and former Olympic athletes as coaches:

  • Mr. Martini – a former CFL player
  • Mr. Stan Tzogas – an Olympic wrestler and Canadian Olympic Coach [2]
  • Mr. Kraemer – played for a Hamburg B Squad[clarification needed "Hamburg B"?]

Provincial track and field titles – OFSAA champions[edit]

  • 1987 Junior Boys
  • 1991 Overall Boys
  • 1992 Senior Boys
  • 1997 Overall Boys
  • 1998 Midget Boys
  • 1998 Ovelol
  • 2002 Midget Boys
  • 2002 Overall Boys
  • 2003 Junior Boys
  • 2007 Midget Girls
  • 2007 Overall Combined Co-Ed
  • 2007 Overall Girls
  • 2008 Midget Boys
  • 2009 Junior Boys
  • 2009 Overall Boys
  • 2009 Overall Combined Co-Ed
  • 2009 Overall Girls
  • 2010 Overall Boys
  • 2010 Overall Combined Co-Ed
  • 2010 Overall Girls

News Stories[edit]

In February 2009 the school was placed in lock down after a stabbing and ensuing motor vehicle accident occurred several blocks away, at a nearby park.[3]

Feeder schools[edit]

Located in Ajax, Ontario

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  • Roméo Dallaire Public School (
  • Vimy Ridge Public School
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  • Roland Michener Public School
  • Applecroft Public School

Located in Pickering, Ontario

  • Frenchman's Bay Public School
  • William Dunbar Public School

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