Picnic in Gaza

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Picnic in Gaza is a 2014 English film directed by Philippe Vartan Khazarian.

This tale of unrequited love and intermingled deceit explores the universal dynamics of the invisible subconscious forces at work in close human relationships - and each person's drive for self-destruction - our death wish.


Katrina Meers is a postgrad sociology student in love with a surgeon stranded in Gaza, Claude Rhodes. Some time ago, she teamed up on LinkedIn with a London-based French equity finance investor, Dan Morere, sponsor of her 'humanitarian' initiative to the strip – her plan, to rendezvous with Aid Convoy en route. Until D-Day things were smooth, controlled; but the cracks show in her plan, when Katrina has her first subconscious slip: she forgets her A to Z London road map and has to call Dan, for help ... as he embarks in her car to get her to Dover, soon things become far more complicated than they seem.





BFI Certification

Filming locations[edit]

Shot in nine countries, from London to Gaza : United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt.


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