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Pie Rouge des Plaines is a French breed of dairy cattle.[1] Its name translates as Lowland Red Pied Cattle.


This breed was created in 1966 by crossbreeding Armorican with Meuse-Rhine-Issel and German Red Pied (Rotbunte) cattle. Pie Rouge des Plaines cattle are bred in the north-west part of France, in Brittany and Normandy. They differ from the superficially similar Red Holstein, which is a simple selection of red Holstein cattle.


The colouring of the breed is red-pied, with short low horns. The skin is pale. The cows weigh on average 700 kg, and average 138 cm tall at the withers. Bulls average 1000 kg, and 150 cm tall.


Pie Rouge des Plaines is a dairy breed.[2] Cows average 6900 kg of milk every year 4.13% fat and 3.44% protein, and better quality meat in greater quantities than Holstein cattle. The breed is also crossed with beef cattle, giving quick-growing calves.


The breed is mostly found in Brittany, with some in Normandy and central departments. In 2001 there were about 25000 breeding females, with 4000 in the herdbook. Frozen semen from about 135 bulls is stored.

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