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Pierre-Julien Gilbert (1783 in Brest – 1860 in Brest) was a French painter who specialised in naval scenes.

Gilbert was a pupil of Pierre Ozanne and Louis-Philippe Crépin. He taught painting at the École Navale from 1816, and was admitted to accompany the Navy during the Invasion of Algiers in 1830.

Gilbert was professor of drawing at the Naval School of Brest.

Painting by Gilbert
The Action of 21 April 1806. In the foreground, HMS Tremendous aborts her attempt at raking Cannonière under the threat of being outmanoeuvered and raked herself by her more agile opponent. In the background, the Indiaman Charlton fires her parting broadside at Cannonière. The two events were in fact separated by several hours. 
Le Combat de Grand Port. Visible from left to right: HMS Iphigenia (seen striking her colours), HMS Magicienne and HMS Sirius being set on fire by their crews, HMS Nereide surrendering, French frigate Bellone, French frigate Minerve, Victor (in the background) and Ceylon. Many of the details shown in the painting did not happen simultaneously, but were spread over several days. 

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