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Pierre Luc Gagnon
Pierre-Luc Gagnon in San Diego in 2009
Personal information
Full name Pierre Luc Gagnon
Nickname(s) PLG
Nationality Canadian
Born (1980-05-02) May 2, 1980 (age 34)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Height 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m)
Weight 168 pounds (76 kg)
Sport Vert, Big Air and Vert Doubles
Pierre-Luc Gagnon
Medal record
Competitor for the Canada
Men's Skateboarding
X Games
Silver 2000 San Francisco Vert
Silver 2000 San Francisco Vert Doubles
Gold 2002 Philadelphia Vert
Gold 2002 Philadelphia Vert Best Trick
Silver 2004 Los Angeles Big Air
Silver 2004 Los Angeles Vert
Silver 2004 Los Angeles Vert Best Trick
Silver 2005 Los Angeles Big Air
Gold 2005 Los Angeles Vert
Bronze 2005 Los Angeles Vert Best Trick
Bronze 2007 Los Angeles Big Air
Silver 2007 Los Angeles Big Air
Gold 2008 Los Angeles Vert
Gold 2009 Los Angeles Vert
Gold 2010 Los Angeles Vert
Gold 2010 Los Angeles Vert Best Trick
Silver 2011 Los Angeles Vert
Gold 2012 Los Angeles Vert
Silver 2013 Los Angeles Vert
Dew Tour (Year End Standings)
Silver Dew Tour 2005 Vert
Bronze Dew Tour 2007 Vert
Gold Dew Tour 2008 Vert
Bronze Dew Tour 2009 Vert
Gold Dew Tour 2010 Vert
Gold Dew Tour 2011 Vert
Gravity Games
Bronze 2000 Providence Vert
Bronze 2002 Cleveland Vert
Gold 2002 Cleveland Vert Best Trick
Bronze 2004 Cleveland Vert
Silver 2005 Woodwate Vert Best Trick
Gold 2012 Los Angeles Vert

Pierre-Luc Gagnon, also known as PLG (born May 2, 1980 in Boucherville, Canada), is a Canadian professional skateboarder.

Gagnon began skating in 1988, and entered his first competition in 1992.[citation needed]

A frequent participant in the X-Games, he has won nineteen medals (eight gold) in the Vert, Vert Double, Big Air and Vert Best Trick categories. He has also been victorious on the Dew Tour and in the Gravity Games, and was the winner of the vert division of the Maloof Money Cup with a wide array of technical flip tricks and spins including a nollie heelflip indy 540.[citation needed]

Gagnon won the Skateboard Vert at the AST China Invitational in Beijing in 2008.[1] He won his third successive X Games gold medal and fifth overall, in 2010.[2] Shortly after, he won his second Maloof Money Cup skateboard vert competition.[3]

Gagnon is 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm) tall and weighs 168 pounds (76.2 kg). His sponsors include Darkstar skateboards, RDS clothing, Osiris Footwear, Electric visual, Monster energy drink, BOOM [Born On Original Motives] Headphones and capix helmets.[citation needed]

Gagnon was a part of the cast in a VH1 series titled The X-Life.[4]

Competition wins[edit]


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