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For the Belgian cyclist, see Pierre Houdé.

Pierre Houde (born July 14, 1957) is a Canadian play-by-play sports announcer for RDS. He has announced broadcasts of Montreal Canadiens games since 1989. Over the years he was partnered with Pierre Bouchard and Yvon Pedneault. From 2007 to 2011, his partner has been former Canadiens' player Benoit Brunet. In 2010-11 Joël Bouchard was his colleague on the bench but was offered to be GM of the Blainville Armada so in 2011, Joël was replaced by former NHL goaltender Marc Denis. Houde also broadcasts Formula One Races at the same station along with Bertrand Houle.

Houde's goal call is "Le tir, ET LE BUT!" (A shot, AND A GOAL!) after every Canadiens goal, though depending on the moment he stretches "but" out for several seconds ("Le tir, ET LE BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!!!!!!!!!"). Other calls are "Eh bien, ma parole!" which he often uses when unbelievable situations occur and "Les rouges s'éteignent... ET ON ROULE !!!" at the start of a Formula One Grand Prix.

Houde does hockey play by plays on Le Hockey Du Samedi Soir Coors Light, Le Hockey Du Mardi Soir Subway, Le Hockey Du Jeudi Soir Subway and any other days the Canadiens play.

Houde is from Saint-Laurent, Quebec, now a borough in the city of Montreal.

He is married to Sylvie Allard since 1992.

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