Pierre Mottron

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Pierre Mottron
Born (1987-03-27) 27 March 1987 (age 27)[1]
Origin Tours, France
Genres Electronic
Years active 2009 - present
Labels Echopolite, la Mais°n
Website [1]
Members Pierre Mottron (vocals, music, arrangements)

Pierre Mottron is a French singer and songwriter born 27 March 1987 in Tours France.


Pierre Mottron's music is influenced by many backgrounds such as classical music, jazz, pop, folk music as well as minimal techno which he uses to create a unique mixture of composition and arrangements[2]

Pierre Mottron has so far released 3 records under his own name and one with the project Malnoïa.


Studio work[edit]

  1. "Lust"
  2. "What would happen"
  3. "Indecent"
  4. "O Father"
  5. "They Know"
  1. "Colorful"
  2. "Solar Ray"
  3. "Sleep"
  4. "Glass Bowl"
  1. "Bone from the world's chest"
  2. "I Surrender"
  3. "Curves"
  4. "Comfortable"
  5. "Painted life"
  1. "Time's"
  2. "Curtains down"
  3. "Carrousel"
  4. "Bohemian intermission"
  5. "The bridge of sighs"
  6. "Another moral dilemma"
  7. "Schism"
  8. "Pandora's box"
  9. "Twinkle"
  10. "I killed music"
  11. "Inyaworda-Nayo"
  12. "Surface of art"