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Pierre d'Arc (born 1408) was a French soldier whose place in history is due to his service in the army made famous by his younger sister Joan of Arc.


The youngest son of Jacques d'Arc and his wife, Isabelle Romée, Pierre and his older brother Jean joined their sister and served in the Royal army at the Siege of Orléans.[1] He and Joan were both captured in Compiègne, but he was released.[1] After serving in the French army for many additional years, he was eventually knighted and, following his marriage, became the father of two sons and a daughter. He was given an island called the Ile-aux-Boeufs by the Duke of Orleans.[1]

There are no clear historical details regarding the final years of Pierre d'Arc, including the year and circumstances of his death. It is known that he died in Orléans and has descendants who have traced their lineage to him through the centuries into the 2000s.[2]

In film[edit]

In 1999, Pierre, portrayed by Justin Peroff, was a prominent character in the miniseries Joan of Arc.


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