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Pierrepont Burt Noyes (August 18, 1870 – April 15, 1959) was an American businessman, politician, diplomat and writer.

Pierrepoint was the son of John Humphrey Noyes and Harriet Maria Worden. He was a product of their eugenic outlook. He was brought up in the Oneida Community, New York State, where traditional family structures were set aside in favour of communal child-rearing.

After studying at Colgate University, followed by Harvard University he joined Oneida Limited, the company which emerged from the commune after his father's death. He went on to become president of the company, steering it towards specialising in silverware and stainless steel cutlery.[1]

During the First World War he worked for the Federal Government as an Assistant Fuel Administrator. As the war came to an end he was in France selling cutlery. In April 1919 he was persuaded to take up the role as the American Commissioner on the Inter-Allied Rhineland High Commission, a post he held until May 1920.[2]

He stood as Democrat candidate for the United States Senate in 1928 but was unsuccessful.[citation needed] In 1933 he became President of the Saratoga Springs Authority.[citation needed]


  • While Europe Waits for Peace: Describing the Progress of Economic and Political Demoralization in Europe during the Year of American Hesitation (1921)
  • The Pallid Giant: A Tale of Yesterday and Tomorrow (1927)
  • My Father's House: An Oneida Boyhood (1937).[3]
  • Goodly Heritage (1958)


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