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Piers is an old English Christian name, and has the same origins as Peter.

People and fictional characters with the first name include:

People with the last name include:

  • Desmond Piers (1913-2005), Royal Canadian Navy rear-admiral
  • Harry Piers (1870–1940), Canadian historian
  • Henry Piers (1568-1623), Anglo-Irish Member of Parliament, administrator and writer
  • Sir Henry Piers, 1st Baronet (1629-1691), Anglo-Irish soldier and antiquarian
  • John Piers (1522/3–1594), Archbishop of York
  • Sir John Piers, 6th Baronet (1772-1845), notorious rake and duellist
  • Julie Piers (born 1962), American golfer
  • Sarah Piers (died 1719), English literary patron, political commentator and poet
  • William Piers (c. 1580–1670), British Anglican bishop and Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University
  • William Piers (constable) (c. 1510-1603), constable of Carrickfergus

Usage in other contexts:

  • PIERS is the name of a company affiliated with the Journal of Commerce that maintains searchable databases of container-shipping data

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