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Piers Calveley Claughton (8 June 1814 – 11 August 1884) was a Bishop in the Anglican church.

The son of Thomas Claughton (M.P. for Newton, Lancashire, 1818–25) at Haydock Lodge, Winwick, Lancashire, he was educated at Brasenose College, Oxford, where he graduated, B.A. (1835) and M.A. (1838).

Following his ordination in 1838 he was made rector of Elton, Huntingdonshire (1842–43; 1845–59), before becoming the first Bishop of St Helena (1859–61) and a subsequent translation to the see of Colombo (1862–71). Upon his return to England he served as Archdeacon of London and a canon of St Paul's from 1870 to 1884 and was appointed Chaplain-General of Her Majesty's Forces in 1875.


He died in 1884 in Maida Vale, London. A memorial tablet was placed in the crypt of St. Paul's Cathedral, London in 1885.

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