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Position of Pihlajamäki within Helsinki
Subdivisions of Helsinki
Subdivision number
District Northeastern
Area 1.65 km²
Population data
 - Population 7443 (2008)
 - Pop. density 4511 /km²
Postal codes 00710
Subdivision regions
Neighbouring subdivisions Pihlajisto
Viikin tiedepuisto

Pihlajamäki (Finnish), Rönnbacka (Swedish) is a northern-central quarter in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. It is part of the Malmi neighbourhood and the Latokartano district.

Pihlajamäki is an important site for modern Finnish architecture, and it is the first of Helsinki's suburbs built in the 1960s that was conserved en bloc with a town plan.[1] The architecture of the suburb is unassuming, but there is a distinct polarity in the buildings and surrounding scenery, which creates rich nuances.

Aerial view of Pihlajamäki in 2009.
A conserved building in Pihlajamäki.


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