Pike 13

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Pike 13
Studio album by Buckethead
Released May 13, 2013
Genre Ambient
Length 33:08
Label Bucketheadland
Producer Dan Monti and Albert
Buckethead chronology
Pike 13
The Mark of Davis

Pike 13 is the forty-third studio album by guitarist Buckethead, and the thirteenth installment in the Buckethead Pikes Series.[1]

The album was hinted at when Buckethead announced The Mark of Davis shortly after announcing Propellar leaving a gap between both albums leaving people to speculate about the missing Pike 13 album. On May 13, Buckethead's 44th birthday, Buckethead announced Pike 15 as a limited edition album and shortly after during the day he also released Pike 13. Unlike any of the pikes released during this period this album was released immediately as a standard edition album without giving any samples or information about it.

The album shows an unmasked teenager Buckethead hugging his father. The cover comes at a time in which Buckethead's father has been ill [2][3] and it also marks the first time the artist officially reveals his face to the public.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Track 1"   2:36
2. "Track 2"   5:20
3. "Track 3"   2:37
4. "Track 4"   3:09
5. "Track 5"   3:31
6. "Track 6"   8:58
7. "Track 7"   2:40
8. "Track 8"   2:50
9. "Track 9"   1:27



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