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Pillette Road Truck Assembly Plant
Built 1974 (1974)
Location Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
Coordinates 42°18′00″N 82°57′47″W / 42.3°N 82.963°W / 42.3; -82.963
Industry Automotive
Products Dodge Ram Van, Dodge Ram Wagon
Area 750,000 sq ft (70,000 m2)
Volume 124,124 in 1984
Address Pillette Road, Windsor
Defunct 2003 (demolished 2004)

Pillette Road Truck Assembly Plant is a former Chrysler automobile factory in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The plant built the Dodge Ram Van and Dodge Ram Wagon from its opening in 1974 to its closing in 2003.[1] Total lifetime production was 2,309,399 units with a peak production of 124,124 in 1984.[2]


1974-2003 Dodge Ram Van/Dodge Ram Wagon


As the full size van market declined, and Chrysler's share of the market shrunk, Chrysler discontinued the Ram Van and Wagon in 2003. Unable to secure a replacement product, the plant closed July 2003, despite a recently constructed paint shop building. The original assembly plant and adjacent paint shop building were subsequently demolished.[3]

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