Pilotwings (series)

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Pilotwings series logo.png
The Pilotwings series logo.
Genres Amateur flight simulation
Developers Nintendo EAD
Paradigm Simulation
Monster Games
Publishers Nintendo
Creators Shigeru Miyamoto
Composers Soyo Oka
Platforms Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Nintendo 3DS, Virtual Console
Platform of origin Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Year of inception 1990
First release Pilotwings
December 21, 1990
Latest release Pilotwings Resort
March 25, 2011
Official website pilotwingsresort.nintendo.com

Pilotwings is a series of flight simulation video games beginning with the 1990 SNES title Pilotwings and most recently Pilotwings Resort in 2011. One of Nintendo's franchises, the series was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, and Nintendo 3DS.

Notable for its revolutionary 3D gameplay, Pilotwings was created by Shigeru Miyamoto, developed by Nintendo EAD (Pilotwings), Paradigm Simulation (Pilotwings 64), Monster Games (Pilotwings Resort), and published by Nintendo.


All three games in the series have gameplay elements in common, such as hang gliders and jet packs. They also have mission modes. Pilotwings Resort, unlike the previous two games in the series, is set on Wuhu Island and is in Autostereoscopy 3D.


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