Pimpama River

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Pimpama River
Pimpama River 2.jpg
Origin Darlington Range
Mouth Moreton Bay
Basin countries Australia

The Pimpama River is a river situated in South East Queensland, Australia, with its catchment located in the northern part of Gold Coast City.[1]


Open Street Map - Pimpama River, 2015

The Pimpama River is bounded by the Logan/Albert River catchment to the north, the Coomera River catchment to the south and the Broadwater in the east.[1] The Pimpama River originates in the Darlington Range and major tributaries of the river include Hotham Creek and McCoys Creek.[1] The total area of the catchment is 171 km².[2]

It flows by Ormeau before reaching the southern Moreton Bay. The name of the river was the source for the naming of nearby Pimpama. The Pacific Motorway crosses the river at Ormeau.


Pimpama River, 1930

Like most other coastal rivers in the region, the river was used to transport timber cut during the 18th century. The fertile delta area of the river centered around Jacobs Well was home to a thriving arrowroot crop. Growing sugarcane has become the area's main land use.

A bridge was first constructed over the Pimpama River between late 1871 and early 1872 by John Thomas Brigg.[3][4]

Pimpama River Conservation Area[edit]

The conservation area is on the southern bank of the Pimpama River at its junction with Moreton Bay, bordering the Southern Moreton Bay Marine Park and RAMSAR wetland site. Australia in 2013 has sixty five Ramsar sites, aiming to conserve the wetlands that remain.[5] The Pimpama river wetlands has mangroves, saltmarshs and marine flats providing protected breeding grounds for marine species including 4 frog species and the vulnerable False Water Rat (Xeromys myoides). The wetlands are an important conservation area for a recorded 184 species of native plants, 134 vertebrate fauna species including 13 species of mammals, 108 species of birds and 9 species of reptiles.[6]

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Coordinates: 27°49′S 153°24′E / 27.817°S 153.400°E / -27.817; 153.400