Lucky Luciano (rapper)

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Lucky Luciano
Birth name Christian Anthony Garcia
Born (1981-04-20) April 20, 1981 (age 33)
Origin Houston, Texas, United States
Genres Southern rap
Years active Late 1990s – Present
Labels Dope House Records, Latium Records, Unseen Entertainment, Steak N Shrimp Records

Christian Anthony Garcia, also known as Lucky Luciano, (born April 20, 1981) is an American rapper from Houston, Texas after leaving Latium Records and Dope House Records, he is the current CEO of his label Steak N Shrimp Records.


Lucky Luciano began freestyling with his boys in the hood in 1996. Eventually, the public began to take notice of Lucky from his works on a two-song demo which included early hits Out On bond and H-Town. A copy of the demo given to Charles Chavez led to his first record deal with Latium Records and features on the Latin World Down South Compilation. Lucky Luciano's first album on the label released in 2001 was entitled Lucky Me.

Teaming up with national recording artists such as Baby Bash and South Park Mexican, led to Lucky's appearance on SPM's hugely successful The Purity Album. His popularity and appeal quickly grew beyond Latino/Hispanic artists and audiences as evidenced by Houston DJ 'Mad Hatta' offering him a guest spot on his album entitled Can I Live. In 2002, Lucky left Latium Records and signed with Dope House Records. In just three short years, he had been featured on over 20 albums. Lucky also continues to grind on the streets by making underground CD's and mixed tapes with his crew Unseen Entertainment as well as with other popular Texas artists.

Lucky spent several months in the studio preparing for the Summer 2003 release of his album entitled You Already Know. Lucky Luciano received "Album of the Year" for his album Pimps Up Hoez Down at the 2006 Texas Latin Rap Awards.[citation needed] Lucky Luciano was named "Artist of the Year" at the 2009 Texas Latin Rap Awards.[1] In 2009, Lucky also organized and produced the "The Houston Latin Mic Pass" featuring many underground Houston artists.

He is currently working on a collaboration album, Playamade Mexicanz with fellow artist Baby Bash and is also to release the Thoed Essays 3 mixtape with Dat Boi T.

He has worked with many artist such as South Park Mexican, Chingo Bling, Baby Bash, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Lil Flip, Z-Ro, Trae, HAWK, Lil Keke, Coolio, Drawz Patino, and many other artists from the Houston Rap scene.


Studio Albums[edit]

  • 2001: Lucky Me
  • 2003: You Already Know
  • 2005: Johnny Paycheck Vol. 1
  • 2005: The 4th Wish: To Sprinkle The World (Unreleased By Dope House Records)
  • 2005: Pimps Up Hoez Down
  • 2007: Throwdest Playas Down Souf
  • 2008: Ahead Of My Time
  • 2009: A New Movement
  • 2009: Purple Tagz 2K9
  • 2009: World Star Wetbacks (with Chingo Bling)
  • 2011: Money Bags
  • 2011: Addicted To Ballin
  • 2012: Family Business (with Low G & Rasheed)
  • 2012: Playamade Mexicanz (with Baby Bash)

Remix Albums[edit]

  • 2003: You Already Know: Drapped & Dripped
  • 2005: Johnny Paycheck Vol.1: Screwed
  • 2005: Playaz Paradise: All Flows
  • 2005: Pimps Up Hoez Down: Screwed & Chopped
  • 2005: Throwdest Playas Down Souf: Screwed & Chopped
  • 2006: NAWF: Screwed & Chopped
  • 2006: Lavish Habits The Mixtape: Screwed & Chopped
  • 2013: Greatest Hits: Screwed & Chopped


  • 2009: Cleana Den Laundry (with Dat Boi T & Bunz)
  • 2009: Goin' Crazy (with Sime Carter)
  • 2010: Paid In These Streets (with Trails & Stunta)
  • 2011: Low Low
  • 2013: Bandz (with A-Money)
  • 2013: Versace On My Clothes (with South Park Mexican)
  • 2013: Leather Seats
  • 2013: Get Down On The Ground (with Baeza & Lil Koo)
  • 2014: Lane Switchin

Extended Plays[edit]

  • 2013: I Did It (with LE$)
  • 2013: Dranked Out On The Mic
  • 2013: Gangsta's Paradise [Mai Tai Musik] (with Blanco)
  • 2014: Luciano (with GT Garza)


  • 2003: H-Town Holdin
  • 2004: All Dues Paid
  • 2005: Playas Paradise
  • 2006: Lost Flows
  • 2006: Lavish Habits The Mixtape
  • 2006: NAWF (with Stunta)
  • 2006: Playas Paradise 2
  • 2007: Back From Tour
  • 2007: NAWF II (with Stunta & Coast)
  • 2007: SNS2K7
  • 2007: Playa Of The Year
  • 2007: Trick Or Treat You Beezy!!!
  • 2008: H-Town Still Holdin
  • 2008: Playas Paradise 3: Return Of The Mack
  • 2008: G Status 4 Po'd Up & Pimped Out Edition (Hosted By Lucky Luciano)
  • 2008: Screwstone Vol.1 Planet Of The Dranks
  • 2008: Fuckin Em Up Vol. 7
  • 2008: Fuckin Em Up Vol. 6 Running For Office
  • 2009: Nawfiana Jones
  • 2009: Kings Of Spring Break 4 (with Chingo Bling)
  • 2009: Thoed Essays (with Dat Boi T)
  • 2010: Recovery
  • 2010: Bring It Back Vol.4 (Hosted By Lucky Luciano)
  • 2010: Lucky Vuitton The Flyest Meskin Alive
  • 2010: Thoed Essays 2 (with Dat Boi T)
  • 2010: Still Pimpin' (with SMUC)
  • 2011: iBet This Bitch Jam
  • 2011: Back From Vacation
  • 2012: FAM: Fly Azz Meskins (with 2Throw'd)
  • 2012: Down In Texas (with Lil Ro)
  • 2012: Strapped Up N' Iced Out
  • 2012: You Ain't Bout Dat Life
  • 2013: Thoed Essays 3 (with Dat Boi T)
  • 2013: Nawf By Nawfwest
  • 2013: Lucky Lucci Da Grand Wizad
  • 2013: SNS2K14
  • 2014: Get Money Grind Hard Or Starve (with Billy Dha Kidd)
  • 2014: Mob Musik (with Goldtoes)
  • 2014: Da God
  • 2014: NAWF III (with Stunta & Coast)