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Pina Records
Parent company Universal Music Group
Sony Music Entertainment
Founded 2000
Founder Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves
Distributor(s) Machete Music
Sony Music Latin
Genre Reggaeton
Official website

Pina Records is a Puerto Rican record label founded by Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves. It is the most famous and successful record label in the reggaeton music industry due to its long background history and artists. Currently, Pina Records manages Don Omar, Arcángel, Plan B, Lobo and Tony Dize.

Artists signed with this label include[edit]


  • DJ Eliel
  • Myztiko


  • Wise "The Gold Pen"

Affiliated artists and producers[edit]

  • Haze
  • Duran "The Coach"
  • Mambo Kingz
  • Tainy
  • Luny Tunes
  • Richard Marcell

Artists previously signed to the label[edit]

Albums released By Pina Records[edit]

Albums from artist that were part of Pina Records. Before 2005[edit]

Albums from artists that are still in the label. After 2005[edit]

Coming soon[edit]

  • Plan B: Love And Sex (Summer 2014)
  • Tony Dize: La Melodía De Ustedes (Coming Soon)
  • Pina Records: La Super Formula (Coming Soon)


  • Pina Records: Los Videos
  • Los Vídeos del Reggaetón 2 (2003)
  • La Conspiración DVD (2004)

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