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Pinar Toprak
Genres film scores
Occupation(s) composer

Pinar Toprak is a TurkishAmerican composer of film scores. Her scores have won two International Film Music Critics Association Awards: one in 2010 for the film The Lightkeepers and a second in 2011 for the documentary The Wind Gods. Her win for The Lightkeepers made her the first woman to win an IFMCA Award.[1][2]

Pinar was born in Istanbul and studied violin, voice, classical guitar, and composition at the Istanbul State Conservatory. In 1997, Pinar moved to Chicago and studied piano and jazz theory with many master jazz pianists. Later, she studied at Berklee College of Music and received a bachelor’s degree in film scoring. After moving to Los Angeles, she worked at Media Ventures (now known as Remote Control Productions) under the composer Hans Zimmer.[3]

Critical reception[edit]

Duane Byrge of The Hollywood Reporter criticized her score for the 2011 film The River Murders as "dreary", saying it was "capsized by a depressing violin leitmotif [which] screeches away with such a dispiriting voice that the one would think this was an early Ingmar Bergman film."[4] However, in a 2014 review of the score's CD release, Daniel Schweiger called it "richly melodic" and said that Toprak "invests the score with one gorgeously tormented cue after the other. Mournful solos for the cello (played with haunting beauty by Tina Guo) and the piano are complemented by a superbly sampled orchestra."[5]



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